…who we hire, fire, and promote

Be Proactive

Be a self-starter. Find areas to improve upon. Identify weak links in the chain. Don’t wait to be told what to do.

Talk Straight

Communicate accurately and succinctly. Be respectful but don’t sugarcoat or fluff around important subjects.

Choose Effectiveness Over Efficiency

Know what needs doing and prioritize. If you aren’t doing what is right, there’s no point in doing it well. Choose wisely.

Professional & Pleasant

Be professional and pleasant to deal with. Honor your commitments and be thoughtful when it comes to your interactions with others.

Stay Teachable

Maintain a teachable attitude. Have the willingness to listen, learn, and apply. Have the hunger to discover and grow.

A Powerful Combination...

“Powerful combination = Hate being bad at stuff + Willing to look like a beginner.
People who hate being bad at stuff are driven to improve. 

HOWEVER, if they are unwilling to look like a beginner from time to time, they will avoid new challenges and struggle to reinvent themselves.
Meanwhile, people who are willing to try new things, but lack a thirst to improve will settle for mediocre results.

It’s the willingness to look foolish for a short time—but not for a long time—that leads to JUMPS in performance.”
James Clear