MiSMo is a highly reputable Aussie retailer specializing in magnesium based pain relief and anti-aging products.

Prior to engaging Digital Goliath, the internal team had a go running its paid ads. Unfortunately, the results weren’t consistent, there are days it stayed above water and days it tanked. 

And after a while, keeping up with the constant platform updates and appealing disapproved ads (due to pain relief niche) became too time intensive for the ‘digital marketer’ hat-wearer at the time. Irene (owner) decided it was time to outsource. 

The plan was to engage a media buying specialist and hold them accountable for the results. 


  • Highly competitive e-commerce niche with slim margins
  • Navigating the Facebook & Google ad policies around ‘pain relief’ 
  • Be seen on all major ad platforms & placements while keeping management fees under control


  • Worked with the brand owner to sharpen the USP and offer
  • Coordinated new product photography with matching ad copy, followed by rigorous testing to find the winners
  • Expanded ad placement to Google Shopping, Microsoft BING ads, and Facebook Catalogue shopping ads
  • Established a work cadence that ensured frequent checks of ads and ROAS status


41% increase in YoY traffic, most came from previously untapped placements
37% increase in YoY transactions from a disproportionately low ad spend increase
✅Revenue from Google/CPC increased by 276% in just one year

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