Hybrid Racing is a well known brand among Honda performance enthusiasts. 

The business owner, Will, is creative and tech savvy, and has in-depth knowledge of the digital marketing space. But like most business owners that are doing over +2 million p.a., the best use of Will’s time is on strategic tasks rather than staring at a screen optimizing ad campaigns.

For the media-buying side of things, Will tried lightening the burden by using SaaS apps and contractors without much success. And the cost of hiring a full-service marketing agency just wouldn’t make sense, as the strategic direction and creatives were all done in-house, and Hybrid Racing intended to keep it that way.

The business needed an on-call specialist that could take ownership of media-buying and seamlessly gel with the existing company flows.


  • Business owner time-poor. Can do the media buying himself but prefers not to be caught up in the weeds.
  • Needed an ads specialist that’s on call, understood the brand, and could hang around for long-term.


  • Invested the time to understand the business. Many impromptu Zooms & Slack chats early on to familiarize ourselves with personnel, products, and processes.
  • Deep account audit to inform the complete rebuild of Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • Added Google Shopping Ads & Improved Google Search campaigns
  • Fortnightly video catch ups on progress, what to test next, start-stop-continues, etc
  • Created a dynamic reporting via DataStudio


✅27 months of consistent growth
✅Record breaking Black Friday Cyber Monday Sales each year
✅Profitably doubling the ad spend over time without raising management fees.

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