This RTO is an industry leader. The owners had already built up a great brand and healthy profit margins long before Digital Goliath took over their Google Ads. 

In June 2020, we had the opportunity to conduct an audit on their ads account and reported on several low hanging fruits that weren’t being executed on. The owners gave us 3 months to make a notable difference and we didn’t disappoint!


  • Cutting unprofitable search terms: Under previous management there were numerous (22) keywords with CPAs of $100+. And more worryingly, there was $10,341 spent on search terms that had not led to a single conversion. 
  • Changed the campaign structure: Instead of going with a cookie-cutter layout, we implemented location campaigns with unique keywords and ad copy – for the most popular serviced areas.
  • We also changed the bids & budget settings back to Manual to ensure we were making every dollar work. 
  • Since then, we’ve tested several auto-bid strategies as per Google rep’s recommendation – “this time it will be different” – manual bidding has come out the winner each time!


Within one year of management we

✅ Increased the number of monthly conversions from 102 ➝ 171 on average
✅ Decreased the Cost Per Lead by 49% (by $41.25)
✅ All while REDUCING the amount spent in the year by $15,870

Point of take-over:

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